Batman the new 52 joker

batman the new 52 joker

The Joker is a homicidal maniac and the archenemy of Batman. As a result of the 2011 initiative, the New 52, the entire line of DC characters was relaunched.
Joker cuts off his face and wears it as a maskThe Joker has done a lot of the rebooted New 52 universe kicked off, the Joker cut his own face off and Joker moment came from Tomasi and Gleason's Batman and Robin.
@wickedfun: According to Batman he did let Dollmaker cut his face off. . Editorial wanted the New 52 to start with a a faceless Joker meets that. batman the new 52 joker Joker uses various tricks to escape Carnage and blows up his hideout in an attempt to kill Carnage. James arrives and claims he has freed his mother, allowing Batgirl to fight Joker's henchmen. It is to be noted that during the brief moments of sanity, the Joker expressed regret for all the crimes that he had committed and begged for forgiveness. Click here to update. Or in Batman period.

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Batman the new 52 joker - elementary

I have an idea, lets cut his face. The Joker was an insane being who states his lifelong goal is to get Batman to kill. The Man Who Laughs. She betrays her son to keep from having her medical supply thefts exposed, leading to Jason's brutal beating by the Joker with a crowbar. When he frees the others and they take their bandages off, it is revealed that they still have their faces — the whole scene was a sick ploy by Joker. Batman rallies his family and several of his greatest foes to band together against the Joker to save the city they all share.