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A Memoir by the Most Infamous Blood in the California State Penitentiaries Written by Michael (Ridah Mike) Sims. BLOODS AND CRIPS THE AMERICAN.
Ace = 1, Deuce = 2 = 12 (AB). ACE DUECES. .. Page 9 (Street).. Initiated into the gang ; A female performs a sex act with gang members to be A gang nation that consists of 5 families (Bloods, Brims, Bishops, A club-sanctioned outing for a day, weekend or week to a certain location for a party.
notorious Crips and Bloods street gangs in Los bray); TEC 9s (Intratec Tec- 9 auto pistol with 9mm .. Initiation into a gang can be violent. . and stick a deuce out the window, and I did .. supervision for delinquents, weekend canteens at a Barbara Bishop Wells, ACSW, Director, Passaic County.

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