Four aces magic card trick

four aces magic card trick

Teaching kids how to do magic tricks can also improve their confidence and If you've 'played your cards right' you should have four aces along the top.
Preparation: Remove the four aces from the deck and the cards (any suits). Put the four aces on top of the deck. (Later they'll be found in order.
In this easy card magic trick, the spectator separates a deck of cards into four piles, mixes them a bit, and at the end, discovers that there's an.
four aces magic card trick

Four aces magic card trick - free

Now you are ready! Ask your friend to cut the deck, so there are four semi-equal piles of cards. Perform the Ace Assembly card trick. And, then you show that these have turned into three random cards. Hand through glass trick... Emma Stone Card Trick... Count that many cards one at a time face.