Glock 21 to 40 super conversion

glock 21 to 40 super conversion

For Glock 21 40 Super Conversion - SALE. Back By Popular Demand! This barrel converts your G21 to 400 corbon, no other modification needed.
Ammo Test uses a Glock 21 with Lonewolf conversion barrel. He is shooting 40 super. It is a.450 winmag case trimmed down to.
The. 40 Super is an automatic pistol cartridge developed in 1996 and introduced to the market . Handguns converted to. 40 Super include the S&W Glock 21, Glock 30, SIG FNH 1911 conversion kits or barrels are no longer available as of the last known source was Bar-Sto Precision Machine.

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