Pmr 30 ballistics testing

pmr 30 ballistics testing

The Kel-Tec PMR - 30 .22 WMR Autoloading Pistol review on Guns and Shooting Online. Our test and evaluation PMR - 30 arrived packaged in a black plastic case .. We had a limited amount of.22 Magnum ammo on hand, with only the CCI.
The PMR - 30 is also an excellent training aid for the uninitiated on the auto-loader. After the 350 some rounds,.22 WMR ballistic test, and two.
Test Results Summary Chronograph Data FPS Measurements and. Ballistic Testing FN.

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We found it necessary to use a brass punch tapped lightly with a hammer to get the pin moving. Both rounds penetrated the length of the block and created a wound channel not much larger than the bullet's diameter. Oh and while testing with the chronograph, the front sight flew out and hit me on the forehead too... I just bought one at Bullets and Barrels in Plainwell , Mich. It was suggested that I create a new thread with theses test videos on the first page so no one has to dig through hundreds of posts to find them. Even in the shade they glowed bright enough to contrast against the pistol and target. National Police Shooting Championships. pmr 30 ballistics testing

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Kel-Tec PMR-30 Most of the rounds tested exceeded my expectations. Chuck felt the grip, which tapers toward the front strap, didn't fit his hand as well as a grip with parallel sides and made it more difficult to index the pistol horizontally. New ammo test added to the first post of this thread: Here you see the pmr 30 ballistics testing and front fiber optic sight. Just like how water jets can be used to cut steel. Become A Training Counselor. The Kel-Tec I would NOT girl games 321 as a self defence side arm!