2/20th Battalion (Australia)

2/20th Battalion (Australia)

Welcome to my Home Page Australia is now my home following a childhood in Yorkshire which revolved around horses. I studied at both Aberystwyth and.
The 2 / 20th Battalion was an infantry battalion of the Australian Army. Raised in as part of the 8th Division, the battalion was recruited from Second.
The surviving prisoners were liberated in late-August 1945 and began returning to Australia almost immediately. The 2 / 20th Battalion was formally disbanded. UAV drone radio control in the military One bright spot in our lives was the occasional concert. The Japs tied him up but let him go when we were finished work. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help. The hills were covered with plenty of grass which was very slippery. 2/20th Battalion (Australia) then travelled all night by train to reach Omuta next morning. We were also put on guard on the main gate of the show ground. All the best with your research.

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I mean to say we did. Our rafts were very good when we finished them. During my months at River Valley I was able to reflect on the past four years happenings. They would shrink away from him. Many of my mates who knew and respected Geoff came to me to try to lighten what I was going. He wants it to be told to others, because he feels the young people of today should be. The Japanese scattered taking their machine guns and that was.

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He was the camp commandant and one of the very few Japanese who tried to help make our lives a. He was a fine man and she was a lovely lady. In November, after marching through the streets of Sydney, the battalion embarked for Bathurst by train. It spent most of its time operating around Port Dickson but was based at Seremban during April. At the age of two his father passed away suddenly and his mother had to bring.