40 super reload information

40 super reload information

the. 40 Super is a.45 Super case necked down to a. 40 bullet. since found some load data for the. 40 Super, added that to the graph.
Does anyone know of any 40 super reload data. can't seem to find much online. thanks let me know.:).
Double Tap loads hot factory ammo for the. 40 super and Starline makes brass. . 10mm reloaders on the bleeding edge can get 1800 fps with a The load data I have exceeds even DoubleTap velocities in some instances. 40 super reload information

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Top Terms of Use LinkBack URL About LinkBacks Digg this Thread! I have always used a standard reloading press to size brass with, an old RCBS rock chucker. Certified New Mexico Hunter Education Instructor. My buddy said he never got to the point of reloading, as he couldn't get his gun to run. I thought about doing the. This would give you a very strong case. CD Shattering at 170,000FPS! - The Slow Mo Guys

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17 ODAY DAYSAILER Anyone know aces high poker game any loads using Titegroup? Do you already have an account? I'm also thinking that since I was thinking about a muzzle device anyway, it might be time to thread the barrel and put something on. Here in the Dakotas you'd be cited for NOT packing a rifle in the country. I've thought about it several times but the availability of brass has always been the issue.
40 super reload information Like most small organizations, we rely on support from our members. This is a very comprehensive review OP. Please log in to reply. Come for the info, stay and make some friends. Perhaps im lost here, but what is the point of a.
A coin is flipped 8 times 8 times 6 I might as well play a little bit. Thanks for the information and entertainment. Now I am thinking of a long slide project in. We don't have some of this stuff on the shelf. The crazy-strong case and extra capacity of the. Quit thinking, and buy a press!.
Triton used to make the ammo, but went belly up if I recall. All I would need to start cranking out rounds is a set of dies, brass, and small primers. BTW, it feeds like a champ. I may shorten it, thread it, or shorten it and thread it. A hundred bucks should cover the bullets, dies, and brass.

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IPSC shooters Matt Burkett, Rob Leatham, Angus Hobdell, Brian Enos,. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I looked into cutting down. Some will tell you that it is a necked down. Accuracy is very nice.