All about memory slots define synonym

all about memory slots define synonym

Subjects were aware of the need to construct a definition rather than search It was thought that this would tax their working memory, which was Rather, one usually reads for the content of a text and acquires new vocabulary incidentally (if at all). The framework for nouns includes slots for synonyms and for hypernyms.
Noun, 1. memory chip - a RAM microchip that can be plugged into a computer to provide additional memory. micro chip, microchip, microprocessor chip, silicon.
This essay is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Liesbeth Bruins Slot. Dependence of Memory State-Dependent Retrieval Definition The notion that information.
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Depending on the form factor of the case and motherboard, a computer system generally can have anywhere from one to seven expansion slots. Initially, enterprise SSDs in hybrid arrays were relegated for caching read data in flash due to their higher cost and lower endurance compared to HDDs. The nonvolatile memory express NVMe protocol is a specification that permits an SSD to exploit the PCIe bus. Techopedia Deals: Windscribe VPN: Lifetime Pro Subscription. Which emerging flash memory card technologies will have the broadest enterprise appeal? Improve and share your linguistic knowledge. Words near slot in the dictionary.