Nervous about being pregnant at 42

nervous about being pregnant at 42

42 yrs old and just found out I'm pregnant. that chapter in my life I now find myself 6 weeks pregnant and scared death! . I cannot imagine being happier. 41 year old first time Mom - 35+ Moms.
Being pregnant over 40 definitely comes with some extra risks but what can you do? . congrats~!! I am 42 with 4 chirldren 22 and 17 / 9 and 6 yrs. .. We are a bit nervous because of our age,but we figure we will find a way.
at your age, it's made me so scared :/ being older as scared a lil as not all these threads has made me smile I'm 42 and 7 weeks pregnant.

Nervous about being pregnant at 42 - legal

When they made these comments, they didn't know I was pregnant. My partner and I would like to have a family but aren't in a financial position to do so yet,. The more I've read on the different web sites though is there are soooo many woman out there our age actually trying to get pregnant. Please enter a valid email address. When many of the doctors explain the risks to you, they explain them in such a way that they seem more like "absolutes" when, in reality, they're not. VLOG # 42 I don't need the negativity or the stress during this time. What restaurants accept paypal online got good news and I am having a healthy baby boy. But my husband and I are very nervous when it's close to that time of the month. I'm so happy for you! I know a lot of people say that you will never have enough money to have a child, but we really can't afford it now, but by working hard and saving I do think it would be best to wait a. WE CAN DO IT!
nervous about being pregnant at 42