Reeling defined

reeling defined

Define reel: a revolvable device on which something flexible is wound: such as: a small windlass at the butt of a 2: to draw by reeling a line   ‎ Reelect · ‎ Reel Oven · ‎ Reel Off · ‎ Reeler.
His cool touch calmed her this time, parted the reeling emotions and chaotic thoughts. Gabriel was still reeling from the sudden, inexplicable changes in his mate.
Synonyms of reeling from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, with definitions, antonyms, and related words. Find a better way to say it. reeling defined Why Do We Say 'Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve'? Word of the Year. He tottered, reeledstepped reeling defined, and fell over the brink of the cliff. Michele Bachmann Grabs GOP Presidential Debate Spotlight. Browse the Spanish-English Dictionary. A moderately fast dance of Scottish origin. MODDED SKYRIM SPECIAL EDITION PART 2 - LOST