Glock 21 .40 super conversion

glock 21 .40 super conversion

Ammo Test uses a Glock 21 with Lonewolf conversion barrel. He is shooting 40 super. It is a.450 winmag case trimmed down to.
The. 40 Super is an automatic pistol cartridge developed in 1996 and introduced to the market . Handguns converted to. 40 Super include the S&W Glock 21, Glock 30, SIG FNH 1911 conversion kits or barrels are no longer available as of the last known source was Bar-Sto Precision Machine.
Intended for use in the Glock 21 pistol only. *This barrel is 6.02 inch, over all length. Special features include: Ready to use, pre-fit drop in.

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Glock 21 .40 super conversion Maximize image Restore image. I'm playing with a lot of numbers and talking to some'll see what happens. You need to check the website every now and. Barrels and conversions were available from Bar-Sto Barrels, Jarvis, Inc. It sounds like the. If it does work, and the accuracy pans out, I have a great "Guerrilla Sniper Pistol".
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glock 21 .40 super conversion I'm closely following your thread and eager to hear the results. Double Tap loads hot factory ammo for the. User Name Remember Me? To maximize bullet pull and overall feeding characteristics, the case has a neck length of. Maybe if this thing works out, TSD can do a run of their new barrels pre-threaded, or offer kits with pre-threaded barrels. I thought about doing the. When Clark made the.

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The pressure limit for factory. I like how you write, too. This makes the magazine more finicky about being shoved all the way up into the magazine well, which exacerbates the problem of nose diving that thick, short, bottle-necked calibers like the. Here in the Dakotas you'd be cited for NOT packing a rifle in the country. The caliber of the day back then was the.