Aa2 illusion wizard mods minecraft

aa2 illusion wizard mods minecraft

I know this might be a silly question but if someone is having problems with illusion wizzard, why not just install mods manually usingĀ  Missing: minecraft.
How to install mods in artificial academy 2. Home mate Where do you live? in 2014? even aa2 is behind times now. Akiba 39 s Particle illusion wizard test. Minecraft. monster girl mod also adds bunch of awesome girl mobs to.
You need illusion wizard.You can find illusion the setup can't detect AA2 in my Artificial Academy 2 folder. Having the Installing mods To get started, install Illusion Wizzard . How To Install Mods In Artificial Academy 2 | Minecraft Mode.
Let's Play Artificial Academy 2 - Episode 2 aa2 illusion wizard mods minecraft