Catan 5-6 player expansion review

catan 5-6 player expansion review

The Settlers of Catan 5-6 player expansion (English language edition) Submit a Review > This review assumes the reader is familiar with the first game.
Review of the 5-6 Player Expansions to Settlers of Catan.
Expands: Catan Expanded by: Catan: Seafarers – 5-6 Player Extension Catan: [Video Review ] 5-6 Player Expansions for Settlers, Seafarers, and Cities. catan 5-6 player expansion review

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Extension: NA Buy: Click Here To Buy Fisherman of Catan Expansion From Amazon Description: Eureka! Firefly: Out to the Black — Serenity Bonus Pack. Then build roads to neighboring cities, where you can purchase landmarks and new town halls. The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire - Missile Crisis. But probably double a normal game. The Caravans- Nomads of the oasis seek wool and grain. Catan Explorers and Pirates Review - with Tom Vasel