Aa and abstinence

aa and abstinence

contributed by any individual member is limited to a year. How A.A. Members Maintain Sobriety. A.A. is a program of total abstinence. Members simply.
Abstinence vs Moderation. After 36 years in AA I left. A very long time to not drink a drop for sure. I have been gone now from the AA culture and.
Comparing abstinence to moderation management and harm reduction . Critics of Alcoholics Anonymous — the largest abstinence -based program in.

Aa and abstinence - contesting will

Both I consider now to be extremely disempowering , disingenuous, and becoming shuttleworthforcongress.org out! They were not drugged by big pharma. I knew that moderation was not possible for me long before I ever set foot in an AA meeting. I think the religious side of AA is doomed because of ongoing demographic shifts in our culture towards non-belief or at least non-affiliation. Coffee tonight, no withdrawal, just speedy repartee. Anon- Anger can become a problem long before one is a threat to society! aa and abstinence
I could go on at infinitum. That they were honest. We all have such a wide aa and abstinence of personalities and many dont care to live in fear disguised as a choice. Has a Booka Radio showand weekly meetings to chat online. One day I had to go to Bev Mo to buy alcohol for a large party I was having.