I wear 2 pairs of socks

i wear 2 pairs of socks

If its really cold I will wear two wool shirts. Socks should be at least 60% wool and as thick as can be. Don't wear two pairs of socks as the outside sock will be too.
I was wondering if wearing two pairs of socks really helps prevent blisters/toe damage? If so, what do you recommend for the second sock?.
I was wondering if anyone has tried doubling up on ski socks for a really cold day? how does it work? does it help keep your feet a little warmer. Active or stationary, night or day this clothing system keeps me comfortable for days at time. But in general, double-socking may offer the following which may help prevent blisters:. Sign up using Google. This sets up a moisture-wicking function as well as serving as a third interface. If you continue to get blisters, an additional strategy will be required. LA Kings goalie Jonathan Quick is rumored to not wear any socks! i wear 2 pairs of socks

I wear 2 pairs of socks - contesting

When I was buying skates, they guys in the shop adviced me to wear them, but now when I am suffering ugly lace bites I doubt the logic behind it: So maybe it is all wrong, and I should go with single pair of socks, get maximum fit from the skates, and forget about wearing anything extra because of the folk-tradition? No, that would just make your feet colder. Queen Mary, University of London. Synthetic fiber socks significantly outperformed the standard wool sock. The clothing described herein especially the outer layer will not provide adequate warmth if they become wet, and are entirely too warm for anything other than outdoor activities in below freezing temperatures. The 'What Are You Wearing Today' Thread. This assessment is quick, and can be performed at any time in cold conditions. 100 LAYERS OF SOCKS