Night after pill uk

night after pill uk

If you have unprotected sex, then if you take an emergency contraceptive pill (sometimes known as the morning after pill) within a few days you have a.
Women in the UK are paying five times more for the morning after pill. But with a registered online doctor, pay less and avoid a face-to-face.
In the UK, the long-established morning after pill is called Levonelle one step or Levonelle These are identical, but Levonelle One Step is. My Embarrassing Morning After Pill Story
They should be taken as soon as possible after unprotected sex. Night after pill uk is the term used for contraception used AFTER you have already had sex. No, your GP or doctor is forbidden by law from disclosing this information to anyone else so you don't need to worry about anything getting back to your parents. The morning after pill works in a similar way as ordinary contraceptive pills. It is most effective if 289 series take the tablet as soon as you can, after having unprotected sex. night after pill uk