Playstation 4 card number

playstation 4 card number

PSN rejects many payment cards for reasons of its own. Make sure that the home address in your PSN account information is exactly the same.
I have searched and searched for a sollution for his problem, but I can't seem to get it to work. I've copied my information word for word from my.
This article explains how to use your PlayStation 4 to add wallet funds with a credit or debit card or add card details with or without making a PlayStation Store. PSN CROOKS 2.2 million PSN credit card numbers for sale playstation 4 card number

Playstation 4 card number - carbon poker

I have also tried my full ZIP and nothing has worked. I must go to a store now and make a purchase there come home and use these cards? So apparently my money is not good here. It's really shameful to get this level of support from such a monster company as Sony, and also, do we really need so many checkups? I've been having the same issue as so many, including yourself. There's no message indicating this, but if you retry, the blockage gets extended. If you are still having difficulty:.
What he told me is that this has been brought up to SCEA before and many many people are affected, but because they don't view the group as large enought to fix it. Do I really have to dust off my unused xbox and replug it, in order to successfully buy and play my games digitaly from now on? Credit card isn't working. Free Games in Plus. Why won't my credit number be accepted when I try.