Who makes 13 fishing concept reels

who makes 13 fishing concept reels

Every now and again a company comes along that does things differently. 13 fishing concept a casting reel has a very strong drag system.
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Built specifically to withstand the harsh effects of inshore fishing, the 13 Fishing Concept "TX" Casting Reel has extra corrosion resistance built in with the power. My fishing reels get abused. C reel currently under review because the drag stacks for these two reels are. When a lot of anglers get an ultra-lightweight reel in their hands, they tend to become a little hesitant about its power. No color fading, no cracking and no separation to speak of. Cook Recipes and tutorial videos. While the reel casts well and distributes line back on the. Side by side on the Machine, the. 13 Fishing Concept E Unboxing who makes 13 fishing concept reels