8 cat tail positions

8 cat tail positions

Learn about the different positions a cat's tail will hold, and how it's a good indicator of their mood and how they're feeling.
If you notice your cat looking wary with its tail in this position, understand the behavior ⋅ Joined On 8 AM.
Reading feline body language can be difficult without a lot of experience. Even still, many long-time cat owners find themselves in the dark. Exercises the cat and gets his energy level down a bit. 8 cat tail positions Bubble Nip Catnip Bubbles. If you are ever approached by a cat and his tail is standing tall, he is happy to see you! This Rare but Smart Canine Companion Makes a Good Protector. Your cat will likely do this as he walks past you in acknowledgement, but to show you that his mind is on other things. Email required Address never made public. Because if that was the case, I would find him a new home.

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Does Your Cat Love You? If it quivers as well, he may be excited and anticipating something good. I have had cats since birth, two Siamese cats slept with me in my crib. Cats will sometimes hold their tail in a way that resembles a question mark. Which is your favorite?

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A tail that is high and erect means he is content and willing to spend some time with you. He starts to first slowly twich his tail. Like Us on Facebook! Mother cats hold their tails upright when she wants her kittens to follow her it may also help her kittens see her, depending on where they are. When your cat sees or hears something alarming or frightening, he may begin acting strange or automatically try to make himself look smaller. Why YOU should join shuttleworthforcongress.org.
Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails? 8 cat tail positions