Yehareg veal yaavor

Rabbi Held mentioned, accurately, that Rav Schachter put the ordination of women in the category of “ yehareg ve'al ya'avor ” – those things that.
If a person is taken and forced to have illicit relations (without the option this likely does not even enter the discussion of yehareg v' al yaavor.
are one of the three mitzvos that are yehareg v' al ya ' avor (one must rather, the Rambam intended to say that since he should not have.

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He isn't a Posek but he's the Rov of a Shul and a Rebbe in a famous Yeshiva. It is difficult for me to understand how people can discuss such weighty topics in the Coffee Room. I should clarify that the Toras Hashlamim doesn't hold that way l'maysah. You can be less egalitarian. We ask that you respect the fact that we are a religious Jewish website and avoid inappropriate language at all cost. So when he commits the aveirah , it is considered as if he did it willingly.
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