Best free games on psn plus

best free games on psn plus

Free -to-play games have been growing in popularity on the PC for over a While some titles on the PlayStation Store aren't even worth.
I download just about every free game they offer each month. Some I . The quality of PS Plus games in 2016 was seriously bad (the best thing.
One of the best things about having a PlayStation Plus subscription is that you are rewarded with free games every month aside from the big. PlayStation Plus Free PS4 Games Lineup February 2017 best free games on psn plus
For purposes of this analysis, we drew the Metacritic score from the lead platform. We are getting MORE than we pay for and you are complaining because the extra you get is not what you want? It still blows my mind that it is free. Some people just like quality games and that is why they are complaining. I really want to play the plus games.

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