Hecatera dysodea

Hecatera dysodea

The Small Ranunculus (Hecatera dysodea) is a moth of the family Noctuidae. It is found in Europe, primarily in Central Europe and Southern Europe and from.
Hecatera dysodea small moth - Hecatera dysodea Small Ranunculus Moth – Hecatera dysodea - Hecatera dysodea Moth - Hecatera dysodea Small.
Name: Hecatera dysodea. Authority: (Denis & Schiffermüller, Common Name: Small Ranunculus. Taxon Version Key: Preferred.

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If ground-disturbing activities are proposed on a site, the appropriate. Check this box to expand all report sections:. Acknowledgement Statement for Bird Range Maps of North America:. Please consult the dataset's Metadata. Note: This report was printed on shuttleworthforcongress.org todayString.

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Each document delivered from this server or web site may contain other proprietary. It is most similar to Pseudobryomima muscosa , a similar-sized mottled green species that flies in forested habitats in our region, and Lacinipolia strigicollis , an abundant species that occurs in a variety of habitats. Larva feeds on Prickly Lettuce and Great Lettuce, over-wintering as a pupa. The above copyright notice. Bugguide is hosted by:. Rudolf Bryner Foto: Rudolf Bryner , det. Hecatera dysodea Check this box to expand all report sections:. You appear to have JavaScript disabled or are using a browser that does not support it. It is found in Europeprimarily in Central Europe and Southern Europe and from Algeria and Morocco up to Turkestan. The adults appear to be multiple brooded in the Northwest and have been found from early June to September. Record Density As above Hecatera dysodea the larger the symbol, the greater the number of records Click for distribution map.