Alexander the greats empire timeline

alexander the greats empire timeline

Transcript of The Evolution 0f Alexander the Great Timeline 336 BC: Alexander becomes King of Macedonia and expands his father's empire.
He clearly felt that, given the Persian empire's vast reserves of manpower, his . Alexander the Great left behind a huge empire, stretching from Greece to India;.
Alexander invades the Persian empire. 334 BCE. Ephesos liberated from Persian rule by Alexander the Great. 334 BCE. Alexander the Great sacks Baalbek and. History of the World: Every Year This inspires the Greek city-state of Thebes to rebel, and Alexander quickly besieges the city and razes it to the ground. The most famous cities of this new Hellenistic world were Alexandriacapital of the Ptolemies in Egypt, and Antiochon the Mediterranean coast of Syria, the capital of the Seleucids. He had another wife, Stateira II, Albert Einstein Award Persian alexander the greats empire timeline and daughter of Darius III of Persia, who he married for political reasons. Did You Know Nubian Pharaohs Revitalized Ancient Egypt? This had resisted the power of the Successors through skilful diplomacy and the strength of its fleet. This marked the start of the Hellenistic age.