1 Bligh Street

1 Bligh Street

Sydney, Australia. Courtesy of ingenhoven architects. Cite: " 1 Bligh Office Tower / Ingenhoven Architects" 17 Sep.
Sydney's newest tower, 1 Bligh Street, is the result of a 2006 competition won by the team of Ingenhoven Architects from Düsseldorf, Germany.
1 Bligh Street is a new signature office tower in Sydney's CBD.
1 Bligh Street

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1 2 3 DECKS FOR MAGIC TRICK CARDS REVEALED Treepedia Shows Cities Where They Need to Plant. Get the ArchDaily Chrome Extension and be inspired with every new tab. Dexus will have this building in our portfolio for decades. Architectus in collaboration with Ingenhoven Architects. Please read our Content Guidelines before posting. AIA COTE Top Ten. Tiny House Floor Plans ADVERTISE HERE ADVERTISE HERE.
1 Bligh Street Arquitectura de altura 1 Bligh Street perspectiva. The ellipse gives each office space floor-to-ceiling panoramic views. The building is equipped with a trigeneration plant that provides heating, cooling, and power. Re-Creating Wright's Lost Projects. A naturally ventilated, full height atriumon the southern side of the building, maximises natural light to each office level. Across Bent Street lies a public plaza, Farrer Place, to 2015 polaris 570 ace accessories the client hoped to preserve direct sunlight by minimizing shadows cast by the new tower.
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Christoph talks about why he…. A fully shaded double skin facade provides excellent Indoor Environment Quality IEQ. Click an image to view larger version. The curved wall is always ventilated, however, by louvers at the edge of each floor slab. In 1 Bligh Street, views and comfort for occupants are increased. One Bligh Street Receives Another Award. This shape also allows a dialogue with the surrounding buildings while preventing the area from feeling overly encompassed with built forms and allowing daylight to filter to ground level. 1 Bligh, Sydney: Heart of Glass

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In Internet Explorer, click Print - Page setup and check the Print Background Colors and Images box. More Videos Browse hundreds of other videos from Council events including conferences and interviews with prominent tall building professionals in the Video Library. After considering a number of schemes, the architects adopted an elliptical plan, with its long side facing toward the harbor. The developers describe it as "a complex network of three-dimensional ellipsoidal surfaces drawn from shapes expressed in the design of the building", adding that its brightly painted colour scheme traces the underlying geometry of the sculpture. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The transparent office building with an elliptical floor plan offers unobstructed views of the world- famous Harbor Bridge of Sydney.