Why does 2000 flushes turn water pink

why does 2000 flushes turn water pink

So we got 2000 Flushes Blue and put it in there but now when we flush it acts the same but the water t 2000 Flushes turns toilet water red extra to it but maybe I'll get one for my other toilet just to see if it does it there too.
Today, I walked into the potty(cuz I've been drinking my water)and was just about to put the arse protector on the toilet when I saw something DISGUSTING pink toilet water. I ran into Can I really pee on a pinkie potty? Most likely your city fire dept is flushing the hydrants, and the rust is in the tap water.
Now that the toilet has been reconnected the water turns pink after sitting awhile. flush assembly in the tank (we had occasional phantom flushing). Any form of toilet cleaner that contains bleach will serious shorten the life of all rubber parts in a toilet. Join Date: Aug 2000 ; State: OH; Posts. Car Fluid Leaks: Car Care Expert Lauren Fix why does 2000 flushes turn water pink
If tablet must be removed before it is completely dissolved, flush toilet and, before tank free play 50 lions slots free, remove tablet from tank wear rubber gloves. When you peed, did it make little bubbles? I will not recommend this product. My water is actually still. Sounds like a pH issue to me. I don't even know why my wife started using them recently.