Anthony Eden

Anthony Eden

Sir Anthony Eden, Earl of Avon, once the prime minister of Britain and three times its foreign secretary, died at his home yesterday in Wiltshire.
In his book Sir Anthony Eden and the Suez Crisis: Reluctant Gamble, Jonathan Pearson writes of the high doses of drugs Eden was prescribed.
Anthony Eden, in full Robert Anthony Eden, 1st earl of Avon, Viscount Eden of Royal Leamington Spa, also called (until Sir Anthony Eden (born June 12. His calculation was that Nasser and the Russians would have moved in the Middle East presumably against Israel about March or April of this year. Formal messages of condolence from world leaders yesterday dwelt on Eden's successes and his strength of character - others might call it stubborness - rather than his failures. Like many of his generation who had served in World War I, Eden was strongly anti-warand strove to work through the League of Nations to preserve European peace. In turn, he bucks the tradition and formalities that Queen Elizabeth holds so dear—generally mouthing Anthony Eden, high-tailing it out of Buckingham Palace Anthony Eden all hours, and struggling to form his new identity while married to a monarch. Tory gentlemen of high honour not infrequently lower their standards to advance their personal interests in politics.

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His other liver function tests were normal. His account of this incident appears to be that of a personal eyewitness. But in order to make her happy, Elizabeth would have had to go against everything that she held as a core belief—she would have also had to betray her father, betray God. In addition, the Soviets invaded Hungary. He also had a deep knowledge of Persian poetry and of Shakespeare and would bond with anybody who could display similar knowledge. In an October press conference, barely three weeks before the fighting began, Dulles had coupled the Suez Canal issue with colonialism, and his statement infuriated Eden and much of the UK as well. Anthony Eden talking about Israeli troops entering Egypt

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Hugh Dalton Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. This is not the way it would work if this were pure fiction, of course. He had lost his traditional base of support on the Tory left and amongst moderate opinion nationally, but appears to have hoped to rebuild a new base of support amongst the Tory Right. Eden became Foreign Secretary at a time when Britain was having to adjust its foreign policy to face the rise of the fascist powers. No one knows actually what happened. Eisenhower feared a pro-Soviet backlash amongst the Arab nations if, as seemed likely, Egypt suffered an humiliating defeat at the hands of the British, French and Israelis.