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For several months, the Yes California Independence Campaign has been dealing with a constant and dedicated attempt by disgruntled former campaign.
The Lives initiative received CSAC's California Counties Innovation Award This blog entry was originally printed as an Op-Ed in the Sacramento Bee.
A biologist, economist, engineer and geologist walk onto a bar. california blog

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California Golden Bears Football. Point Castillo Walk in the Santa Barbara Harbor Point Carrillo is a fantastic viewpoint on the harbor in Santa Barbara. We respectfully submit that California Supreme Court precedent makes clear that repeal of the Section would constitute an amendment to the Constitution, not a revision. CSAC Institute for Excellence in County Government About the Institute. Sycamore Canyon Park in Riverside, a favorite place for hikin and offroad biking, turns green after the winter rains. Waters of the U. CSAC Poverty Working Group. Southern California is further behind, but has gotten some good storms in recent weeks. Your blogger, Karin Jeske, finds a stretch of California beach she has never california blog before - a rare thing! Unless otherwise noted, all images are original photographs by Karin Jeske. Musical accompaniment was arranged and recorded by Kyle Phillips.