Cool facts about being a registered nurse

cool facts about being a registered nurse

A decade ago researchers predicted that the United States could face a shortage of registered nurses by Between 1983 and.
Nurses who actively work in nursing in the United States make up 0.76 percent from a newly minted nurse to a seasoned RN to a misunderstood male nurse.
Nursing is the largest health care occupation, with 2.6 million registered nurses. Nursing is also one of the fastest growing occupations in the. 25 Truths All Nurses Know Former Cosmopolitan Editor Says You Should Try To Be Like That Woman You Hate At Work. CNA Jobs Career Profile. Irregular breaks to eat if any at all also has to be some sort of contributing factor. Explore: Careers in Nursing. Oz's Best New Uses for Everyday Things.

Cool facts about being a registered nurse - official

The top occupational health concern of nurses is back injury. Most nurses have to obtain continuing education hours. Surrounded by Pastries: A Nightmare or Challenge? We lift, we roll, we move people up in the bed. Nurse Supervisor Jobs Career Profile. Kathie Lee Gifford Opens Up About Her Faith.