Ih loadstar 1600 304 engine spark plugs and gap of a-50

every thing is mostly stock new wires cap and plugs. plugs are auto light or make sure they have less than a.040 gap (stock ignition) the choke, make sure its fully open when the engine is warm at idle, and at speed. Missing: ih ‎ loadstar ‎ 1600 ‎ 50.
This is a post in response to Skylers question about spark plugs for IH engines. I decided to include a poll, and a response forum. Ill try to  Spark Plug Gap - 345 Goldbox.
Spark plug replacement. Check and replace spark plug wires as required. .. Loadstar Loadstar, L-star bus, Loadstar, Firetruck, 13-, 3500 12-, .. MAKE CID CYL 1 Ford 300 L6 2 I-H 392 V8 3 Chev 350 V8 4 I-H 304 V8 5 . Spark Plug Gap Spark Plug Torque (in Ibs.) Max, Engine Torque (? RPM Max.
Change the Points and Condencer. Search this thread. Millions of additional pages added every month. I may have fixed the problem. I have had good luck with them in the past. For the carb issue, it likely needs a good cleaning and a repair kit. Send a private message to FDChappie.