Walking dead game season 1 episode 2 choices

walking dead game season 1 episode 2 choices

The Walking Dead Game - Season 1, Episode 2. Leland Walker is not available right now. Please try.
The Walking Dead wiki at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, Episode 2: Starved for Help - June 2012 (Xbox)/June 29th (Other Season 2 focuses on Clementine and several other Season 1 cast members.
every spoiler for Season One of Telltale Games ' The Walking Dead. all of the choices and outcomes throughout the game into one chart. At the end of Episode 1, did you save Carley because she was good with a gun?.

Walking dead game season 1 episode 2 choices - richards seven

The following is a list of all obtainable Achievements and trophies in the game. Click on an episode below to watch videos and read about the major decisions and their outcomes for each episode. Andrew comes out of the barn, not knowing what happened, and tries to fix it. Clementine helps their escape, and they quickly rescue the rest of the group from the St. Titles in bold have been officially given. Eventually they find the train still in usable shape and heading towards Savannahwhere Kenny Butanoyl-CoA:glyoxylate C-butanoyltransferase (thioester-hydrolysing they can find a boat to flee the mainland. Lee can either agree or disagree with him, either way, Vernon leaves. Katjaa finds a red hoodie in the car that looks to be Clementine's size. Christa drinks most of the bottle, causing Kenny to realize she is trying to induce a miscarriage, which causes him to snap out of his depression. Andrew recovers first and kicks Lee in the face then activates the electric fence. In the ensuing scuffle, Travis takes a shot to the stomach.

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Walking dead game season 1 episode 2 choices Bandits, who claim to have been cheated of food, open fire with their crossbows, while Mark and 5 card stud movie cast hide behind a tractor. Danny then hits Lee with the butt of his rifle, causing him to black. Due to the fact that the general game difficulty level is not one of the highest, apart from the traditional walkthrough information, emphasis has been put on the most relevant aspect of the game, that is, the choices and interacting with the characters. Later, they come across high schoolers, Ben PaulTravisand their band teacher, David Parker. Upon returning to the drugstore, Lee comes to the conclusion that his parents were killed by walkers.
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walking dead game season 1 episode 2 choices