3 up 3 down card game online

3 up 3 down card game online

Rules and variations of the card game Shithead which became The dealer deals a row of three face- down cards to each player, one at a The players pick up their three card hands and look at them. . Einar Egilsson has published a free Shithead program with which you can play online against one.
3UP is so fast and fun, you'll all say, “Let's Play Another Round!” Highlights. Easy to learn, yet hard to put down ; Quick rounds give everyone a chance.
Shithead, or Danish Bastard in Germany, is a really cool card game popular among Each player is dealt 3 cards face down, 3 cards face up on top of the face.

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Share stories about how bad Bill is as a partner,. When there are no cards left in the stock at all, play continues as before, but without replenishment. Burn Cards or Four Of The Same Kind. When a ten is played, the discard pile is removed from play and the same player who played the ten takes another turn, playing any card or set of equal cards to start a new discard pile. The game, and variations of it, is popular in many countries amongst backpackers , and as a result is widespread. 3 up 3 down card game online Type the characters you see in this image:. The player can chose freely which card to play. Software and Special Cards. They must play a card from their hand or any number of cards of the same value in the centre. Before you start you can exchange cards from your hand with the upwards facing cards on the table.

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How evil will I become? Picking up the pile can often put a player at a great disadvantage when many cards have been played as they will have more cards to lose than other players. Only equal or lower cards can be played on this one. Players may adapt this so that the shithead is also required to fulfill a forfeit. Once all of the face up cards have been played, a player must then play their face down cards, which are known as "blind cards". William J Putt describes a version locally known as Smeghead with the following differences:.