Aa vs kk high stakes poker database software

aa vs kk high stakes poker database software

How often will your pocket KK be against AA preflop? Seems high to me. . Why AK vs AA seems so terrible is NOT because you are absolutely crushed (well Just goes to show that ranges in the stakes you play at are extremely tight. MATH DOES NOT APPLY THE CYBER WORLD OF POKER. Missing: database.
Instead, at the higher stakes I decided to up my variance and my win% by 4bet Because in the long run you'll cooler them w/ AA vs their KK just as much over the long run. A database of 400k hands, I face a with KK. .. Software, Commercial Software, Free Software, shuttleworthforcongress.org, shuttleworthforcongress.org.
The software was developed by Tiltware, LLC and the site was backed by Team Full They are known for hosting the highest - stakes games in online poker, and are .. Again, just saying, more times than not, my AA's or KK's get cracked. Next hand I play AQ top pair flopped vs T6o and lose to the same player who hits.

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Pros play more often than you believe. Search Engine Optimisation provided by. All you can logically conclude from YOUR results is that you have been outdrawn more than you should have been. He also told me that pokerstars is filled with Poker bots and that PS is aware of it. I too have seen so many patterns that are present in online play ie... First of all, all the things you call "my arguments" are very basic and simple logic. I think the software rewards aggressive play IE the player who goes all in will win more hands than the player that calls regardless of cards.

Aa vs kk high stakes poker database software - online

Probability Discussions of probability theory. Ones opinion the other slander. That's What She Said! There is no right or wrong way to play poker, showdown reliant TAG's who play solid and aggressive can have nice win rates but the fact these guys don't win at FTP help support what I have always argued and the stats in my HEM have always indicated. I watched four tables at once on Full Tilt then later Pokerstars. BB code is On.

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Slots games 777 First - yes I can find. Their absence of logic more than makes up for your occasional blunder but meanwhile if your running bad, it feels like rigged city. My game was as tight if not better than before, but yet I couldn't get ahead. Next hand I was dealt kings, previous chipleader goes all in again and again guy to my right instacalls. Advanced Features — Barry Strikes Back. They are the type of players you hope for live EC dread on-line. Quote Re: Pokerstars is rigged Very badly donkeypoo Do you chceck your opponent's mucked hands every time?
2 DICE PROBABILITY ACTIVITY HIGH SCHOOL Instead, you developed a Plan B. Just like it is a possibility that some people can get drawn out on more frequently than. You don't see it live because it is appropriately punished and those who play that bad either go broke or they change their ways. Which by the look of it is not going to happen. Its the true riches of life.
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Perler bead 3d dice Staking - Offering Stakes. Tone of the Game. You may not post attachments. You've been dealt a few less than normal, but nothing too unusual. Re: Serious question: the "never fold KK preflop" law. Just my take on the subject.
Benyamine vs Gold again Most boards are dry. Beats, Brags, and Variance. The data IS out there if you look. I'm not even saying you are wrong, I'm just saying you don't have sufficient evidence to make even an educated guess, much less to claim proof. Older Topic Print View. Ive been multi-tabling last few days, and the bad beats and cold decks are hurrendous, both ways.